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What’s up, I’m Curtis. I started my own digital marketing agency back in 2018. It’s been such a rollercoaster experience so far. I’ve loved entrepreneurship since I was a young teenager. I’m 26 now. I love talking to people about entrepreneurship so I decided to start a podcast – Everything Entrepreneurial.

The podcast concept is pretty simple. Each episode I’ll be talking around a specific topic to do with entrepreneurship. I’ll also be inviting other entrepreneurs from all walks of life onto the podcast so they can share their journey and experiences with me and the listeners.

The aim is to give entrepreneurs a platform to speak and be heard by people who are interested.

Seeing as I have some experience in the online world I’d like to help other start-out entrepreneurs learn the skills required to build a business then effectively market it online. This will be done through videos I’ll share for free on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and through my private email newsletters.

Be sure to follow me on all the above platforms so I can keep in touch with you, share some exclusive content that’s not on the podcast and generally just have the craic!

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